March 2020

Food and Diet

Food is an important part of our day, getting it right affects our physical and mental health.


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Useful Apps

Mobile apps can be considered useful in more ways than one. Entertainment, social media and on-demand services have proven to be very useful. Far from being a substitute and more people are turning to apps for self-help and wellbeing covering a huge range of topics that we hope will help and it's paying off. According to research by Accenture, people in the UK are increasingly turning to tech to help them look after their mental health.

New Crafts and Skills

Learn New Crafts and Skills

Lots of time on your hands?

Think maybe it might be time to try out that craft you have been looking at doing for ages?

Here are a few to get you started but the internet and Pinterest and UTUBE are really good places, as they are full of information to get you started. 





Important information about COVID-19 for families with disabled children here

Resources, Resources, Resources. 

Please find below a list of resources that we hope will prove useful while we continue to adjust to the changes that are happening around us. In addition we have listed some safe online practices and additional resources that will help to keep your children safe online.