Emotional Health Check Training

The Emotional Health Check is designed to aid identifying and discussing areas people feel they need support with, and explore solutions together. This will help your wellbeing navigator to work with you to develop a suitable wellbeing plan. Once the EHC is completed it belongs to you and you may want to use it for other needs that you require, for example bringing it along to your GP appointments or other services that you are accessing. The EHC is recognised by a wide range of services in Barnet. It gives you an insight into your current wellbeing weighting your health, emotions, and feelings. When devising a wellbeing plan with your navigator, it is important to develop a tailored plan/support according to what each you require.

The following shows an outline and process of how these checks are made:

  •  A referral is made to the Wellbeing Hub service or you contact the Wellbeing Hub
  •  You will receive a phone call from a Wellbeing Team Navigator who will go through a few questions regarding your emotions and health.
  •  You will then go through a few questions on how much importance you feel towards certain aspects of your life and how much time/effort you are giving towards this.
  •  This will lead you to creating a wellbeing plan which is devised together with your navigator.
  •  The navigator will then suggest a few referrals which can be made to other services to help improve these emotions and health needs. Referrals are either made by the navigator or contact details are provided to you to make direct contact to services.
  •  A follow-up call will then be made to find out if you were able to access the services in your wellbeing plan, whether the services introduced were suitable for your needs and check the progress on this.
  • Your navigator will then call you in 3 months to find out how you are getting on, and
  • A review call after 3 months is then made by the navigator to the individual to find out how you are getting on. You can return to Barnet Wellbeing Hub if you require more help in the future. This means the emotional health check process will resume again but it will also help the team to understand more for making more referrals to other services.

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