About Us

Welcome to the Barnet Wellbeing Hub. The Hub is a new service providing a flexible, holistic, person-centred approach focusing on your individual needs and wellbeing. The Hub is the single referral pathway for you to access services and activities in the community to improve your wellbeing.

We are developing a collaborative approach through a number of voluntary organisations to combine the experience of working with people in Barnet. There are many different services throughout the borough and the hub aims to makes it easier for you to access a number of different services and in some instances at the same time. We aim to support your wellbeing through listening and understanding what you want, tailoring the services that we introduce to you to meet your needs.

How does it work? Upon contacting us, you will be greeted by a member of the Wellbeing Team. We aim to create a warm and welcoming space for you to learn more, access services, participate in activities that interest you, and to find out more information about what’s out there in your community. Simple. Easy. Welcoming. The team is comprised of Wellbeing Navigators that are there to understand your needs, support you and encourage you to improve your wellbeing. They will do this by offering you an Emotional Health Check. Similar to a physical check you may have with your GP, this is an emotional ‘M.O.T.’ that, working with your navigator, helps you to identify services and activities that can benefit you.

What does the Hub offer? There is a wide range of services in Barnet, but the connections that we provide will focus initially on four key areas: 

  • Talking Therapies 
  • Wellbeing and the Community
  • Advocacy
  • Information and Advice